The new open-source video conferencing software makes it simple to integrate your meetings and personalize them

The name and its features.

The name was taken from the software’s inception. We’d want to develop a video conference solution that is simple to link with any current system and provides the features of a video conference.

  1. HD audio and video call.
  2. HD Screensharing.
  3. Lock settings.
  4. Raise hand.
  5. Chatting with File sharing.
  6. MP4 Recordings.
  1. RTMP Broadcasting
  • Zoom or zoom out
  • Undo or Redo
  • Shapes
  • Pencil
  • Text
  • Images
  • Delete
  • Export

Simplified integration

One of our objectives with this software is to make it simple to connect with any system.

Personalization is readily available.

This is another objective for us to create this new open-source video conferencing software.


The new open-source video conferencing software called plugNmeet offers simplified integration, customization, and other vital features.



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