The 2022 Video Conference System: Features And Predictions For The Future

5 min readDec 29, 2022

In the age of remote work, video conferencing has become an essential part of conducting business, allowing people to communicate and collaborate without ever needing to be in the same room. But what will the future of video conferencing look like? In this article, we take a look at the 2022 video conference system: its features, market players and exciting predictions for what’s to come!

New Software Market Players on this filed

There are many new software market players on this filed. Some of them are:

plugNmeet: WebRTC based Scalable, High Performance, Open source web conferencing that is simple to use and customizable. Every website can have an end-to-end real-time conferencing solution.

Remote Meeting: Instead of displaying yourself on the screen, set your profile with a realistic 3D human avatar. You can turn on your avatar while you are already in a business meeting and bring the fun into meetings at any time!

Arvia: Is a Live Video Shopping Solution that helps eCommerce companies drive engagement and sales. With Arvia Live Video Shopping, you can instantly connect to your online shoppers with video calls without leaving your website

InterviewOpps: Is a web conferencing software designed to help HR professionals screen, assess, and interview candidates on a centralized platform. The white-label solution enables managers to automatically filter and shortlist qualified job seekers based on answers to multiple-choice questionnaires.

These are just some of the many options available on the market today. When choosing a video conferencing system, be sure to consider your needs and budget.

Features of The 2022 Video Conference System

The video conference system is ever-evolving. Here are the features to expect in the latest version coming out in 2022:

1. Increased Resolution — The resolution of video conferences will continue to increase, providing sharper images and a more realistic experience for participants.

2. More Natural Interaction — The interface will become more intuitive, making it easy to navigate and use without any prior training.

3. Enhanced Audio Quality — With the use of advanced microphones and audio processing, the quality of audio in video conferences will be greatly improved.

4. Greater Connectivity — The system will be able to connect with more devices and platforms, making it even easier to use for businesses and individuals alike.

5. Improved Security — With the latest security features, you can be sure that your video conferences are safe and secure from start to finish.

6. Translation — Built-in translation will make it possible for people speaking different languages to communicate with each other seamlessly.

This 2022 has definitely been a great year for video conferencing systems. These features are sure to benefit businesses and individuals around the world, making it even easier to connect with each other.

What’s Next in 2023?

What will the next generation of video conference systems bring? Here are some features and predictions for 2023:

1. Increased resolution and clarity — 4K and even 8K resolutions will become standard, offering lifelike images and videos.

2. Artificial intelligence — AI will be used to enhance the user experience, such as automatically cropping and zooming in on faces during a call.

3. Virtual reality — VR could be used to create realistic virtual meeting spaces, allowing people to meet from anywhere in the world.

4. Augmented reality — AR could be used to display data and information in real-time, making it easier to collaborate on projects.

5. More integrations — Video conferencing systems will continue to integrate with other business applications, making them even more essential for workflows.

6. Advanced security — Video conferencing systems will be equipped with the latest encryption and authentication technologies, ensuring your data is secure.

The 2023 video conference system will be a major leap forward in terms of technology, allowing businesses to take advantage of new capabilities, such as enhanced audio and video quality, improved security measures and real-time collaboration tools. With these new features, users will be able to hold remote meetings with greater ease than ever before.

In addition, the 2023 video conference system will have a more streamlined user interface, making it easier for users to navigate and access the features they need. Automated transcription and closed captioning will also be available for those who may have difficulty understanding the audio portion of the meeting.

The market for video conferencing systems is expected to grow substantially in the coming years due to an increasing number of businesses seeking better ways to communicate. As such, there are already several major players in this space offering innovative solutions that should continue to develop as time progresses.

Finally, some exciting predictions have been made about what the future holds for video conferencing systems. Some expect new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) to play a major role in how we communicate, while others predict that 3D projection technology could make remote meetings feel more immersive than ever before. All in all, it’s an exciting


The 2022 video conference system is sure to revolutionize the way we work and communicate. With its advanced features, it will provide a secure, efficient environment for online meetings in both the business world and beyond. We can only imagine what new innovations are coming our way as technology continues to evolve — but one thing is certain: the 2023 video conference system will be at the forefront of this evolution, bringing with it an array of exciting possibilities for collaboration and communication between people all over the world.

In addition to its core features, the 2023 video conference system will be integrated with a host of additional tools and applications. This will enable users to customize their experience and make the most out of their meetings. As internet speeds continue to increase, video quality will become even clearer, allowing for seamless interactions between participants. In the near future, we can expect virtual reality capabilities to be added as well, providing an even more immersive experience during meetings.

Ultimately, the 2023 video conference system promises to bring us into a new age of collaboration and communication — one that’s more efficient, secure, and revolutionary than ever before. It’s no surprise that so many businesses are already investing in this technology — it’s sure to be indispensable in years to come.

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