How to do local recording in plugNmeet?

3 min readOct 21, 2022

When virtual meetings are held, a very useful tool is recording. Since, it will help the video call to be registered so that it can be reviewed again in the future.

That is why in plugNmeet, a new “local recording” feature has been added so that the recordings are not only recorded in the plugNmeet cloud, but also on your computer so that you can use and share it on your device.

But first let’s see what is PlugNmeet.

What is plugNmeet?

PlugNmeet is an open source web conferencing that is simple to use and customizable with high performance. Some of the core features are:

  • It supports all the functions of a video call, including High-Definition Audio/Video/Screen Sharing; Virtual background; file-sharing, and MP4 Recordings.
  • Extended Functions, RTMP Broadcasting, which can enable users to broadcast their meetings to YouTube, Facebook, or any other third-party RTMP-supported live streaming platform.
  • You can personalize everything, from URLs to logos and branding colors, as well as features with ease.
  • Collaboration was made easy with the use of a shared notepad and whiteboard for real-time collaboration.


Now that we know what plugNmeet is, let’s look at some benefits of doing local recording before going through the steps:

  • You can access the recording without internet connection.
  • The video quality will be better since it is not compressed when recording in the cloud.
  • It will take up less space on your device since it is not stored in the cloud.


Now that we know the benefits of adjusting the webcam size, let’s look at how to do it:

You can do local recording to save the recordings on your computer. Here are the steps to start local recording.

  1. For local recording*, select the “REC” icon located at the bottom center of the room.
  2. Then, in the message that will appear choose “local recording”.
  3. It will start recording.
  4. Then, to stop recording, click the “REC” icon again.
  5. A downloaded file will appear and that is the recording that was made on your computer.

This feature works much better in Google Chrome.

Here we share the video tutorial in less than 1 minute so you know how to do local recording in plugNmeet!

We hope this article has helped you. Remember that plugNmeet is constantly innovating to provide the best user experience.

If you have any questions about this article or any other, do not hesitate to consult us!




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